Tim's Amazing Success:
Down 68 lbs.

Just 6 months after starting his Shift and committing to losing 2 pounds per week, Tim was down 66 pounds from his starting weight, just as he set out to do.  When Tim talks about his weight release journey, his feeling of having control over his weight loss and maintenance is what set Shift apart from other weight programs.

Tim was always “a little rounder” than other kids his whole life.  This continued into his early 30’s when he started trying different diet plans – from the conventional to whatever the latest fad.  While there was usually success losing weight, he never felt completely in control of what was happening to his weight, and never felt confident that he would be able to keep it off (which he wasn’t.)

“With other weight loss programs, there never seemed to be an end game.  I never knew where it was going.”  Each time, as he got close to his weight loss goal, he would resume old eating habits and inevitably gain the weight back.  Finally, he gave in to the “Be Chubby, Be Happy” plan, although that really was not where he wanted to be.

Concerned for his health, Tim’s wife tried to broach the subject in small ways, which was not helping their relationship.  Tim knew it was time do something, but says he “didn’t know what he was going to do—he had tried everything already.”

An uncle had come to Rita for hypnosis to stop smoking so Tim decided to try hypnosis  through the Shift Weight Mastery Process.

He says that from the initial appointment, where Rita did a precise evaluation of his metabolism (a Metacheck), something in his brain clicked.   For the first time, his brain was able to register that weight loss is a scientific process.  This is the cognitive part of the Shift – pulling back the curtain on losing weight so that it no longer feels like magic or chance.   Armed with real information and in control of how to actually lose at a specific rate, Tim could make choices about what to eat while still satisfying all of his specific taste cravings.

He completed the Shift Intensive Seminar and 30 Day Process and then stayed on track with his 2 pounds/week for the next 5 months, in spite of having a job that requires long days and the food temptations of a movie set.

Adding a morning run and an evening walk with his wife was a consistent and enjoyable part of his Shift plan, and has become a normal part of his life now.  Since reaching his goal, he has continued to maintain his weight release and recently completed a half marathon (with his wife running an accompanying 10K).

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