Rita Black The Shift Weight Mastery Process

  • Why Your “To Do” List May Be Fattening

    Greetings! How is your New Year’s resolution to get healthy going? Did you know that most New Year’s resolutions are broken by as early as January 18th? As a clinical hypnotherapist who helps people in the areas of stopping smoking and weight management, it has always been interesting […]

  • A Simple Mind Hack to Empower You Over Holiday...

    Halloween is over and it’s the official beginning of the holiday season–the season of sweets, parties and comfort eats.  My treat to you today is sharing with you the POWER OF NO. No? Yes, NO! THE HOLIDAY EATING SPELL It must be the candy corn (which many of you know is a major […]

  • Shift Into Clean Eating October

    Hi there, Welcome to autumn! IT’S TIME TO SHIFT INTO A MONTH OF CLEAN EATING After the free-for-all looseness of the summer, it is a great time to get back to basics and structure.  For me and many of my clients—this means starting with our eating. The relaxed mode of summer can […]

  • How To Keep Hunger Away All Day

    Did you just eat an hour ago and you are already hungry again?  Are you plagued with cravings for sugary foods or highly refined salty-crunchy foods?  Well, chances are you may not be getting enough protein. As a hypnotherapist and cognitive weight expert, I will tell you one of the […]

  • Tips to Avoid the Fattening “Good Time” Trap...

    It’s official– the summer is now here. I can feel a part of me relax just by writing that. There is nothing like the idea of summer to bring back the kid in all of us—warm sunny days, letting our hair down and relaxing.  Unfortunately, it also is a time when we too […]