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  • 3 Mind Hacks for Weight Loss Consistency

    Greetings from the Desk of Rita Black, It’s annoying, isn’t it?? We get on track – eating healthfully and releasing weight and then POOF! We fall off track and then try to pull ourselves back on track – only to fall off track again. Why is it that we know HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT, […]

  • Is Your Story Making Your Butt Bigger?

    As humans, we all tell ourselves stories.  We can’t stop–it’s just part of our brain trying to make sense of our world. IS YOUR STORY FATTENING? But, we can learn to recognize our stories.  This is part of distinguishing what I call Fat Thinking from Thin Thinking.  […]

  • [Video] How Do I Stay Consistent with Exercise?

    Greetings from the Desk of Rita Black, I have just started going to Jazz dance class at my local YMCA with my daughter. We laugh at ourselves a lot because there are really good dancers in the class and we are obviously beginners. We stick with it though and have fun. It’s joyful to move […]

  • [PODCAST] Strategies to Overcome Mindless Night...

    Greetings from the Desk of Rita Black, “If we all went to bed at 5pm we would be thin!” Well, at least that is what I joked with J.J. Flizanes when she interviewed me for her podcast last week. It seems to be true. Rarely do weight management clients tell me that they struggle with […]

  • How Hypnosis Creates Long-Term Effectiveness

    BEFORE I WAS A HYPNOTHERAPIST, I WAS A CLIENT… I remember being in a stuffy office in Venice, California on a spring day well over two decades ago. I was in a trance state that felt like I was floating between being asleep and awake. I was listening to a 70-year-old British hypnotherapist, […]