Private Shift Sessions

Private Shift Sessions

“I’m an intelligent and successful woman and yet I felt defined by my failure to control my weight. Rita and the Shift Weight Mastery approach brought a level of sanity into my life. I have released 60 lbs. I feel better than I have in years. Best of all, I am confident that there is no “unlearning” the skills that I have acquired during this process!  I can cross this off my list!” – Donna, down 60 lbs.

Work one-on-one with Rita Black to make your Shift to Weight Mastery. Starting with an in-office Meta-Check to find out your precise metabolic rate and consultation to determine your specific needs, you and Rita will create a personal plan for your 30 Day Process. Each in-office visit ends with a private hypnosis session.

Rita offers two different private Shift programs:

Private Shift Weight Mastery Process

A 6 session process scheduled over 3 months designed to:

  • Stop the yo-yo diet cycle
  • Shift you out of the beliefs and habits that cause you to struggle with weight
  • Release weight at a rate you decide

The Private Process includes:

  • Two intensive 2 hour Intro Sessions with hypnosis
  • Four one hour sessions with hypnosis
  • A MetaCheck™** metabolism test
  • Additional program hypnosis, audio coaching and meditation sessions
  • Multiple check-in calls with Rita.
  • Six months membership to the Monthly Mastery Program (additional group support)

Private Shift Weight Mastery Express

This program offers you the support and focus you need to get on the fast track to weight release while importantly changing your thinking so you can keep the weight off for good.

The Shift Weight Mastery Express includes:

• Initial 2 hour session with Rita Black including hypnosis and MetaCheck™** metabolism test.
• 30 day online based program including hypnosis and coaching
• Phone check in and coaching session with Rita Black
• 1 month membership to the Monthly Mastery support program
• A follow up 90 minute office visit with Rita Black to get you ready to continue releasing weight after your initial 30 Day Process.

Single Specialized Sessions

Specialized sessions focus on one specific weight or eating challenge or a specific outcome that you wish to create.

  • Ending night eating
  • Motivation to exercise consistently
  • Sugar and carbohydrate management
  • Lose that last stubborn 10-15 pounds

Each specialized 2 hour session includes:

  • A Metacheck** metabolism test
  • A personalized hypnosis session that is recorded to take home
  • A follow up check in call with Rita.

In-office programs include a MetaCheck™ metabolism test. This test uses a simple breathing test to give us a very accurate personal resting metabolic rate. Since every body is has a different metabolism, this test is the best way to assess the rate at which you can realistically release weight.

We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone.