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What is Shift?

A hypnosis based weight loss process that breaks the “on a diet” / “off a diet” cycle to create long term success. Shift targets your brain at the deepest level to end old patterns of behavior, build healthy new habits and transform your life.


“[Rita’s] extraordinary sessions reach your subconscious, help get rid of the negative chatter and are life changing…yes, life changing!” — Susan, released 35 lbs.


I am so glad you have found the Shift Weight Mastery website. I hope you find the resources and information helpful in creating your own journey to weight mastery.

At Shift we know that overcoming the struggle with your weight doesn’t start on the plate or in the gym—it begins in your mind.


You have within your mind, right now, the ability to:

  • Achieve your health and weight goals
  • Feel confident and in charge of your relationship with food and exercise
  • Break free from feeling addicted to foods and ways of behaving that are keeping you stuck

At Shift Weight Mastery Hypnosis we call this powerful mindset “Thin Thinking”


If you have been struggling with your weight, chances are your mind is currently wired in habits and thinking patterns that keep you:

  • Stuck in the “on a diet”-“off a diet” cycle
  • Feeling like a victim of your cravings
  • Unable to be consistent with healthy habits

This is what we call struggling mindset “Fat Thinking”

The Shift Weight Mastery Process is designed to SHIFT you from Fat to Thin Thinking in 30 Days.


The Shift Weight Mastery Process is not another diet. It is a transformation of thinking and behavior, at the deepest level of your brain. And it’s surprisingly easy. Just 20 minutes per day for 1 month will Shift you out of the old limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you in your weight struggle and into new healthy thoughts and habits that make living life at your ideal weight possible.

“I did Rita Black’s Shift Weight Mastery Process in 2008 and I have maintained my initial weight release for eight years now. I no longer “try.” My lighter weight and healthier lifestyle is simply who I have become.” – Janet T. Monrovia, CA


For the last twenty years, I have been a clinical hypnotherapist and expert in the psychology of weight management. I have helped people stop the struggle with their weight and achieve long term permanent weight release with the hypnosis based Shift Weight Mastery Process.

For two decades before that, I struggled desperately with my own weight, up and down the scale forty pounds, thinking my weight issue could never be solved. I tried diets, extreme exercise, vegetarianism, Atkins—all of it and more– and always came back to the same struggle with my weight and MYSELF. I found that hypnosis helped me where everything else failed, and I finally shifted my mind, released the weight and found my own Weight Mastery. (More in “MY STORY” )

In 2007, after years of working with clients and studying mental and behavioral research of people who have taken weight off and kept it off, I created the Shift Weight Mastery Process. This cutting edge weight management program uses the mental tools of hypnosis, meditation, and cognitive coaching to help clients recode their habits, thinking, and beliefs into those of “Weight Masters”—people who have taken weight off and kept it off.



The main reason we struggle with weight is not really our personal fault, even though our continual struggle makes us feel like a failure. The answer lies in the way the mind is set up.

Your mind is divided into the conscious and the subconscious mind.
-12% is your Conscious Mind:
This is our analytical mind, the neo-cortex, the “willpower” brain.
This is the part of our mind that:

  • puts us ‘on’ a diet
  • has read all the diet books,
  • has signed up for the gym membership and is ready to be thin and fit into some skinny jeans

-88% is your Subconscious Mind:
This is the part of our deeper mind where our habits, beliefs, memories and creativity exists.
This is the part of the mind that:

  • works hard to keep things going JUST AS THEY ARE
  • has gotten used to the fattening habits that keep you at your current weight
  • feels sugary or crunchy and salty food are great for relieving stress
  • thinks deep down you are a failure—no matter how many affirmations you make
  • could care less about your gym membership, your juice fast, and those skinny jeans

This part of the mind will fight hard to go back to your old way of behaving—even if it means gaining weight.

What happens when we go on a diet? The 12% willpower brain gets us started “being good”, but eventually, sometimes sooner, sometimes later—that 88% mind pulls us into the same old “bad” behaviors. That is why diets don’t work in the long term.

“I released 25 pounds and I am not dieting—I am just doing what works for me and what continues to work for me, day after day, month after month, year after year.” – Dr. M. Rand (Down 25 pounds for 4 years)


Hypnosis is a relaxed mind technique that allows the resistant-to-change subconscious mind become open to ideas of change. In the state of hypnosis, suggestions can be given to the deeper mind and begin to focus the mind towards new beliefs and habits that are in line with weight release and mastery. With hypnosis, you are able to have the power of 100% of your mind working with you to release weight and keep it off permanently.

“In studies comparing a control group to a hypnotherapy group, the group exposed to the hypnotherapy lost more weight and kept it off longer.” – The Journal of Clinical Psychology

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The Shift Weight Mastery Process is a structured 30 Day Hypnosis and Coaching Program designed to create lasting change by:

  • Breaking up old useless and fattening thinking and habits
  • Creating a more powerful relationship with food, exercise and yourself
  • Focusing you on developing the skills of “weight mastery” (the habits and thinking of people who have taken weight off and kept if off permanently)

In the first 30 days, new habits form and start feeling like normal behavior. And it takes as little as 20 minutes per day. We offer the 30 Day Process in several formats, tailored to fit different lifestyles – from private in-person sessions, to seminars, to a take home program.

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