The Shift Book

The Shift Weight Mastery Process Book

The Shift Weight Mastery Process Book is coming in the late autumn of 2016! Based on the successful Shift Weight Mastery Process created by Rita Black, this is less of a book and more of a very portable and accessible version of the powerful hypnosis based process designed to SHIFT you from Fat to Thin Thinking and break you free from the Weight Struggle once and for all.

In addition to the book you will receive:

  • A 30 day email follow up coaching process
  • Hypnosis downloads designed to make changes on a deep level
  • Daily meditations over the 30 day process

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Early praise from our book focus group:

“My experience with the Shift Weight Mastery Process Book was amazing. From the beginning, it felt as though this program was created just for me. Questions were answered for me that I have been wondering about for a long time as to why I could not stay the course on any other weight loss program. All the tools I needed to succeed, step by step, were given to me. I have released 5 pounds in the past 30 days, but most importantly, I’ve gained a positive SHIFT in my thinking about my body and my ability to care for myself – body and mind!” – Nancy Gannon, Chicago IL

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