A message from rita black


My passion for weight mastery is personal because I have been there. I believe that this helps me tremendously in my practice—I “get” my client’s struggle and why they often have a hard time believing change is really possible.

From the age of eight, I struggled with my own weight. I was called “Thunder Thighs” at school. Not only did I feel humiliated, even worse, I felt afraid, because I didn’t know how to change. For years I struggled up and down the scale 20-40 lbs., losing enough to get invited to my prom and then gaining so much weight that I couldn’t zip my prom dress up on prom night.

I also had a mother who struggled greatly with obesity, yet ironically, held a degree in Nutrition from UC Berkley. She knew everything there was to know about healthy eating but she could not get herself to be consistent with those healthy habits long enough to lose weight.

In my late 20’s I hit a wall with dieting. Having tried every fad and regime, I realized that if I was ever going to end this struggle with my weight, it had to come from deeper within me.

Around this same time, I was introduced to hypnosis as a way to quit a pack-and-a-half-a-day cigarette habit and immediately became fascinated in this powerful mind tool that allowed for such dramatic and quick change. If hypnosis shifted me from smoker to non-smoker, could it help me with my weight too?


That’s when I started my own personal “Shift”. I learned about nutrition, and how to eat in healthy ways that I enjoyed. I used hypnosis to imprint new habits, curb cravings, and set a strong vision that kept me engaged. I learned to problem solve when things didn’t go perfectly with the food–instead of hiding my head in the “I’ll start the diet again tomorrow” mentality—learning to effectively “self-coach”. I have maintained my weight for over 20 years now, even through having two children.


I became a clinical hypnotherapist and through research and my busy client practice I started cracking the code on why smart, highly functioning people continue to struggle with their weight despite all that they already know about food and exercise.

In 2007, after a numbers of years of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I created the Shift Weight Mastery Process which is designed to break people out of the thinking and behavioral cycle of the weight struggle.


Now, years later there are many ways that you can experience your own Shift from Fat to Thin Thinking through the different ways we offer the Weight Mastery Process:

  • In one-on-one sessions private sessions
  • Group SHIFT seminars (our flagship Mastery Process)
  • The Shift-in-a-Box home study program
  • And soon the Shift Weight Mastery Process Book

I have guided thousands of men and women in “shifting” out of their limiting beliefs and habits and into positive, healthful mindsets—helping them to achieve weight mastery. The 30-day SHIFT WEIGHT MASTERY PROCESS is highly successful in helping clients maintain long-term weight control.

Find out more “How do I Shift?” >


I am rewarded each day seeing my clients making the shift to feeling more in control of their lives and in reach of their dreams—and to re-inventing the relationship they have with themselves to live a deeper, more fulfilling life in all regards. Our Shift Community is growing stronger daily as more and more people join the ranks of “weight masters” who have learned to use their minds more effectively to lose the struggle and gain weight mastery.

I invite you to open your mind to the possibility that you can find long term weight success within yourself and that the answers and support that you have been searching for are just one SHIFT away.

Alone we Diet,
Together We Shift.

ox Rita Black

Rita Black is a Los Angeles-based, certified clinical hypnotherapist, author, seminar leader, speaker and an expert in the psychology of weight management. Rita knows the struggle with weight personally. For almost 20 years she struggled up and down the scale 40+ pounds. She finally found freedom from the pain, frustration and weight with the use of hypnosis. Her life’s work is focused on fulfilling Shift’s Mission: to guide people with their struggle with weight (and themselves) and into slim and healthy “Weight Mastery”.