Free 5-day Program – End Night Eating

Free 5 Day Program

Lights Out On Night Eating

Take back your nights with our Free 5 Day Program

Try out the power of hypnosis to end the weight loss struggle for the last time.

“This course helped me take back control of night time habits that were keeping me struggling with my weight and myself.” – Diane J.

“If everyone went to bed at 5pm, we’d all be thin.” – Rita Black

This free 5 day hypnosis weight loss program is designed to target one of the most common eating challenges – mindless grazing and eating at night.

During the 5 Days you will receive:

3 sessions per day of coaching and hypnosis designed to break through mindless eating habits:

  • Morning coaching email with new tools and strategies to combat night eating (10 min.)
  • Pre-evening meditation (10 min.)– A daily refocus session as you head into evening.
  • Night hypnosis session (10 min.) – Hypnosis to rewire your deeper mind for success.

After the 5 Day program you will:

  • Set and maintain healthy goals for your evenings.
  • Feel more in control of your weight release.
  • Be developing habits that promote a slimmer, healthier you!

Start now – Take back your nights and start losing weight today

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