From 200+ lbs. to 121 lbs.

Cheri says that her weight issues go all the way back to being a baby! A plump infant, then into childhood where she remembers wanting to unroll the “garden hose of flesh” around her middle in 4th grade. Dieting started in high school when she would try desperate measures to lose weight: every fad diet, laxatives, throwing up, even stopping eating entirely. Her weight fluctuated wildly, but even when she felt she looked good, she never felt better.

As an actress, the pressure to stay thin was immense. Through college and graduate school, the struggle continued. She tried Weight Watchers and then liposuction—each time losing weight and then gaining it back and more.

“I felt like I was at my wit’s end. I knew I couldn’t go on living like this—going up and down the scale, but the years of dieting had taken my confidence away from me and left me with a lot of limiting beliefs and habits.”

Cheri joined a commercial weight loss program that incorporated exercise CDs and began to lose weight. She also found that she really enjoyed exercise. But, after losing about 50 pounds, she hit a plateau and couldn’t lose anymore. She began to worry that she was going to start gaining back the weight, just like every other time. This is all she had ever experienced in the past.

Ready for a change, Cheri came to Rita and the Shift Weight Mastery Process.

“I was open to the idea of hypnosis and knew that really if I was going to make a real change and keep the weight off for good, I was going to have to change my thinking—not just exercise more and eat less.”

“I did my Shift back in June of 2009, weighing around 145. As of today, I am 121- lbs, and don’t feel like I ever deprived myself, starved myself, white knuckled it, nothing! I eat what I want, when I want, how I want.”

“I have gained the confidence and internal thinking processes that really help me stay conscious and make healthy choices. My habits have changed and feel permanent. I also enjoy the support from Rita and other Shifters I have met along the way. This makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself, realizing we all are in this together and when we unite we are strong—not like when we are alone in our own diet world with those useless thoughts.”

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