Donna's Amazing Success:
Down 60 lbs.

50 years old and 50 plus extra pounds since the birth of her first child, Donna came to Shift with limited expectations for success.

Like so many people, Donna had been fighting her weight battle since adolescence. She had been up and down the scale, with temporary success losing weight for limited periods of time on the latest diet or radical exercise program, only to gain it and more back. With the Shift Weight Mastery Process, she was able to release 50 lbs and has maintained since starting in September of 2013.

“The Shift Weight Mastery Process helped me to find sanity, change long held habits and beliefs AND stay focused on a reasonable way to maintain my weight release, live life sanely and maintain a moderate way to look at myeating and my health…so normal!!”

“I use the knowledge I’ve gained about food and my metabolism to draw boundaries and know my limits and plan accordingly.”

“I use the hypnosis to rewrite the messages that have kept me from long-term success and to practice the self coaching that will save me when my willpower fails me.”

“I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, Rita and the Shift Weight Mastery approach brought a level of sanity into my life.”

“For the first time I know that there is an answer to long term weight maintenance.”

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