Bill's Big Success:
Released 100 lbs.

Moving His Way Into a Powerful New Outlook and Lifestyle

“My Shift started the day I realized that I would actually have to change who I identified with as my own self.”

Bill came to Shift, weighing over 300 pounds, and ready for a change. Having dieted in the past, he knew how to lose weight, but because the focus had always been on losing weight rather than an internal Shift, the old habits and accompanying pounds would always come back.

Using a key tool of the Shift Weight Mastery 30 Day Process, Bill set a strong vision of his  future slim self with fitness at the center. “For me, exercise was the key to success…not as  a way to facilitate weight release, but as a way toward total fitness. I no longer have a “goal  weight”, I have a goal of greater fitness.”

He said goodbye to his “old self” and re­focused on the person he wanted to be,  quickly realizing how much he liked that person. “I started walking every day, and then  picked up the pace a little bit. I added cycling when I ran too much and started having  injuries, but when it became about being able to do more with my body, it was always fun.”

Starting by just walking every day, and gradually picking up the pace a little bit, Bill got it in his head that he would walk 500 miles. By the time he actually hit 500 miles, he had  released almost 100 pounds, his weight release goal.

He then upped the goal to 1000 miles, then added cycling, and now chooses walking over driving whenever possible. “Shift helped me to see my own limiting beliefs for what they were. I had actually  convinced myself that I didn’t like exercise!! I like moving my body. I do it all the time, and sometimes I move really fast.”

The Shift Weight Mastery Process helped Bill make the connection to fitness that he had  always needed, and to create a life with changes in eating and moving that now feel permanent.

Banishing Limits

Bill talks about his journey:

“I remember early on, when I could still remember clearly how it felt to climb the stairs at  300 lbs. I was walking with my kids, and made the connection that a 2 mile walk was once  a workout, and that at that moment, 2 miles was just like breathing!”

“I ran 6 miles yesterday, and it was startlingly easy.”

“It has been long enough that I don’t remember what 300 pounds felt like, but I get so many reminders of how good 200 feels (holding pretty steady at 205), that I will choose  to stay this size for a lot longer.”

“With The Shift Weight Mastery Process, I enjoyed the visualization of my future thin self ­­the person I visualized isn’t who I turned into either, but I’m glad, the actual new me  is even better.”

“The Shift Weight Mastery Process has taught me to make long­ range goals that have  some specific, and some surprise outcomes. I have no idea what I will look and feel like  after moving 1000 miles this year, but I know it will be good!”

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