Shift in a Box Home Program

Shift in a Box Home Program

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Are you ready to Shift, but are unable to attend one of our Seminars? We have developed an exciting and easy way for you to Shift! Shift-In-A-Box is Rita Black’s highly successful 30 Day Weight Mastery Process in a take home system.

Break Through the Struggle to Success

Our mind gets stuck in Fat Thinking when we struggle with weight.  These beliefs and habits keep us stuck in the “on a diet”-off a diet” treadmill that is frustrating and fattening.

The 30 Day Shift in a Box Process uses daily hypnosis, coaching and writing exercises to help re-code old Fat Thinking into Thin Thinking.

“My Shift in a Box Process is going great! I’m seeing huge changes in my behavior around food and how I view my body. I’m noticing my thinking is like night and day from before! It’s so freeing!” – L. Meltzer—down 8 pounds in 30 days

You will start Shifting the moment you order your Shift In A Box. Right away, you will begin receiving video coaching by email to help set up your mind and your environment to start losing weight—even before your Shift In A Box arrives.

The program is clearly laid out with daily assignments and coaching. You choose your schedule. Coaching and hypnosis sessions take between 20 and 40 minutes per day.  You can fit these into your day seamlessly–listen to coaching sessions in the car, during daily tasks or exercise and the hypnosis can be listened to before bed.

During the initial 5 days of video coaching, you will learn to:

  1. Use the daily process successfully
  2. Release weight at a rate you decide
  3. Feed yourself for long term success
  4. Set your environment up for success
  5. Stay committed to yourself and the process

During the following 30 Days, you will make the SHIFT from Fat to Thin Thinking with:

  • Daily email coaching sessions
  • Audio cognitive coaching sessions that you can listen to in your car or at home (these come as CDS and also as links in your daily emails)
  • Daily hypnosis sessions that you can listen to before bed or in a relaxed environment (these come as CDS and also as links in your daily emails)
  • Workbooks to help you process what you are learning

Each day, you will be given just the right amount of the process to keep you on track but not overwhelmed. It’s easy—click on your phone, tablet or computer and listen to your sessions from anywhere at any time.

Amy lost 160 lbs using Shift In A Box. Listen to her story here >


How the Shift in a Box Process Unfolds

Immediately upon ordering, you will receive an email with a full overview of the program and tools to help you get started right away.  

Prep Days 1-5

Every morning, you will receive an email with video coaching sessions. These are designed to help you get your environment set up for your 30 Day Process.  You will also be given tools to set specific weight goals as you embark on your weight mastery journey.

Shift Days 1-24

By now, you will have received your Shift In A Box in the mail and will be ready to dive into the  30 Day Weight Mastery Process.

Your Shift in a Box includes:

  • 6 powerful coaching & hypnosis CDs. NOTE:  All of the audio sessions are also delivered to your email inbox daily during your 30 Day Weight Mastery Process for easy access on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • 3 easy to follow work books
  • Clear program schedule to chart your progress

Shift Days 25-30

After 24 days,  you are beginning to build the habits and mindset that will keep you Shifting towards long term permanent weight release. Because everyone has a few unique trouble spots and triggers, the final week of your 30 days will target specific challenges in a plan personalized to you.  

You will continue to receive all the coaching and hypnosis but with an emphasis on the areas that you feel the most vulnerable.

By the end of the Shift In A Box 30 Day Process, you will:

  • Continue to release weight at a rate you decide.
  • Find it easier to make healthy choices and exercise as these behaviors become implanted habits in your new lifestyle.
  • Identify and break out of limiting beliefs and behaviors that kept you sabotaging yourself and gaining the weight back.
  • Create a way of eating that allows you to continue to release weight but not feel deprived.
  • Create a powerful alignment with yourself and your vision so truly live the life you wish for yourself.

“I’ve lost 13 pounds so far and am loving it. It’s amazing how my mind has subtly shifted in a way that I didn’t even really notice I was actually behaving differently in relation to food.” – Damian C.,

Plus, you aren’t alone in this. While on the 30 Day Weight Mastery Process, if you ever feel stuck, just email or call and you’ll get the support you need.  You will also access to the private Shift Facebook group, an online community committed to moving into a more healthy life with Shift.

You can also start the process with a group of friends or co-workers. You each have your own box, and can focus on your individual needs, but you have the benefit of a close community committed to change.

A note from Rita Black:

I have had clients with plenty of money who have hired personal chefs, trainers and diet professionals to help them lose weight, but they arrived at my door still struggling with weight because the solution isn’t outside of themselves but inside of themselves.  The good news is that we all have 24/7 access to the most powerful weight loss coach—our own mind.  My Shift In A Box 30 Day Process taps into your Inner Weight Loss Coach and creates a powerful lifelong relationship.

“What drew me to Rita is that she is passionate helping you Shift, fully believes in the process—it is her life’s work and that she actually cares about your success, not in just selling you the program.

I loved everything about the SHIFT from the moment I received it; from the packaging to the support materials.   I really liked Rita’s voice – which is pretty important if you’re going to listen to her speak every day.

I found as I went through the program that I didn’t feel deprived but actually felt like I was gaining more and more control over my eating habits. As the weight came off, I knew this time was different and that I would be able to maintain my weight much more easily.

I’d HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is tired of beating themselves up about losing weight or that is really serious about getting control over their weight and eating habits. It really works.” – Keri Jenkins

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