Shift Intensive Seminar

Shift Intensive Seminar

Kick off your 30 Day Weight Loss Process with an Intensive Shift Seminar.  Offered throughout the year both live and on-line, these 1/2 and full day seminars led by Rita Black immerse you in the fundamentals of the Shift. Experience several sessions of live hypnosis, deeply set your vision and intention for success and meet your support community.  You will leave the day ready to lose weight for the last time.  

“The Shift is the perfect name for this process because through the day long intensive, that is exactly what my brain did. It made the “Shift” from inner battles and disappointment to coaching and love, which is precisely what I needed to move forward from the heavy body I was wearing. Thank you, Rita. It’s hard to believe that I only needed a day of Shifting to make everything click, but that was all it took.” – Lynn B, staff member for (down 7 pounds by day 30 of her process and now keeping off 30 lbs for 3 years)

What if you could feel?

  • No more frustration with yourself because even though you know what to do to lose weight (eat right, eat less and exercise more)—you can’t seem to get yourself to do it consistently.
  • No more depriving yourself on a crazy diet, going off it, and then feeling remorseful.
  • No more feeling like this eternal struggle is holding you back from achieving your higher purpose in life. The Shift Weight Mastery Process is your first step forward towards real and powerful change.
  • No more looking outside of yourself for the miracle diet or pill—you will be harnessing the most powerful resource on the face of this planet—YOUR MIND.

The Seminar:

This all-day event is where you will Shift to a new way of thinking about your weight loss.  You will:

  • Be immersed in the 9 skills of Long-Term Permanent Weight Loss Release.
  • Experience 6 powerful hypnosis and cognitive Shifting sessions designed to break through old habits and negative patterns.
  • Address key issues of: Portion control, food choices, exercise, stress, and confidence
  • Learn how to effectively tap into your “Inner Weight Loss Coach.”
  • Begin to set up a healthy eating plan that will honor you and your food preferences.
  • Set up coaching relationships that will support you through the next 30 days.

Receive powerful tools including:

  • The Shift Workbook
  • 30 days of daily coaching sessions following the seminar
  • Daily hypnosis and meditation session that you can listen to during the 30-day follow-up.

“In the past I would agonize over how I was going to keep the weight off because I knew deep down I could never stick to whatever diet/eating fad I was following at the time. This time, that panic voice is gone. I am admitting and accepting that this is a long term commitment and a life change. This is how I will live my life from now on. It gives me such a sense of peace.” – Terilynn (down 25 lbs since Shift)

The 30 Days:

It takes 21 days for any habit to completely change in the unconscious, so this 30-day follow up period is designed to reinforce all of the “Shifts” made during the Shift Day Intensive.  Your tools include:

  • Hypnosis and daily meditation sessions gives you hypnotic reinforcement every day during the process.
  • The Shift Weight Loss Workbook provides easy reference to all of the tools and skills introduced during the Shift Intensive Seminar.
  • Daily contact from Rita Black via emails and coaching.
  • Peer to peer support from the Shift community.
  • A follow up coaching and motivational tele-seminar call with Rita Black that includes hypnosis.
  • A 2-hour Final Seminar to reinforce your mastery and continue your weight release.

“These Shifting techniques have overflowed to other areas of my life and have helped me manage… my life better, too. I do so wish that I had known Rita years ago.” – Beth (down 30lbs and maintaining for 4 years)

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